Using technology to reach all of your clients.
With a multi channel integration of your AI Chatbot you can easily reach a wider customer audience with the distribution of the chatbot the customers messenger app preferences. Integrate your own systems seamlessly into our AI Chatbots. No matter if its your own FAQ Database, an online shop or payment gateway, with our custom build solution we can integrate any business services and knowledge bases.


Multi Channel Integration

Since chat bots are basically virtual robots they never get tired and continue to obey your command. They will continue to operate every day throughout the year without requiring to take a break. This improves your customer satisfaction and helps you rank highly in your sector.


Easy Management

Chatbots always treat a customer in the most polite and perfect way no matter how rough the person is. Also, in the travel and hospitality industry where travelers do not speak the same language, a bot can be trained to communicate in the language of the traveler.


Wide Audience

Chatbots allow companies to save money and are easy to configure to meet different needs (depending on the application used). Once they have been built the costs of keeping them updated are relatively low.


Low maintenance costs

A very common and great example of how Chatbots can help companies save time is in relation to how they can help companies by answering their client’s FAQ. The efficiency of chatbots derives from the ease of interaction they create for employees, customers or other users.

Artificial Intelligence

Generally, companies engage in passive customer interactions. That is, they only respond to inquiries but don’t start chats. AI botscan begin the conversation and inform customers about sales and promotions. Moreover, virtual assistants can offer product pages, images, blog entries, and video tutorials. Suppose a customer finds a nice pair of jeans on your website. In this case, a chatbot can send them a link to a page with T-shirts that go well with them.

Natural Language Processing

Communicating with customers today requires intuitive solutions that, from the customer’s perspective provides a positive and effective customer experience, ideally by reducing costs (from the company’s perspective). Artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies provide a way for systems to understand the customer in their own language and from any device.

Your Benefits
Improved Customer Service

A chatbot will provide real-time assistance like a sales person in a real store, offer an interactive communication where they also ask questions to understand the real problem. Using text and voice, they can present customers rich content with product pages, images, videos etc. This means that a chatbot will provide an extensive customer assistance, always-available customer support and proactive customer interaction.

Better Lead Generation

Personalized messaging that assists consumers along “buyer’s journey” is possible with the consumer information that chatbots receive. A bot can ask the necessary and related questions, persuade the user and generate a lead for you. Chatbots ensure the flow is in the right direction to get higher conversion rates.

Easier Approach to Global Markets

Whether you are already an international brand with customers all over the world, or a local brand who is ready for global business, chatbots can solve your customer care problems in multiple languages and 24/7, 365 days a year. This allows your business to scale up its operations to new markets without having to worry about multiplying incoming requests to be handled.

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Increased customer engagement

Chatbots can strike up a conversation with any customer about any issue at any time of day. They engage in friendly interactions with customers. Besides, virtual assistants only give a bit of information at a time. This way they don’t tire customers with irrelevant and unnecessary information. Chatbots can maintain conversations and keep customers on your website longer.

Quicker Issue Resolution

Providing an immediate response is valuable, but having an expedited resolution is arguably even more important to the customer. Customers don’t just want to be heard, they want action—quickly. With chatbots collecting information about the customer and issue ahead of time, agents will be armed with all the data they need to most efficiently resolve the issue.

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