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With our skilled developer teams we can fit your software development needs. From single part-time developers to complete agile teams, with our flexible packages, we will provide you with the best solutions.
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Codeboxx is a full-service tech agency creating & developing smart digital solutions. Our experienced team of tech and development experts will make sure you will get the best technical framework combined with great customer experience.

Using our outsourcing model enables you to fully control your costs and project timelines. Save money on recruiting, team & vacation costs and start building your team right away.


Our Development Outsourcing Specializations
Websites & CMS

Our experienced team uses modern tools and technology to offer you customized Websites and Content Management Systems. Details

E-Commerce & Onlineshops

Codeboxx brings in technology expertise and valuable ideas throughout the entire process of software-development for ecommerce applications. Details

Mobile Apps

Our mobile app developers create solutions that work seamlessly across all platforms and operating systems with an enjoyable interface. Details

Chatbot & AI-Development

AI-powered bots are redefining the way brands engage with prospects and customers. We are your partner to help you optimize workflows, reduce the response time, and retain your prospects with intelligent, smart, and reliable chatbots. Details

Landing Pages

Leading your audience on conversion oriented landing pages is the first step towards gaining a prospect. Details

UX Development

We consider all aspects and possibilities of how an end-user will interact. To achieve your target goals, we extensively analyze both the users’ behavior and the core features of the system. Details

UX Development

We consider all aspects and possibilities of how an end-user will interact. To achieve your target goals, we extensively analyze both the users’ behavior and the core features of the system. Details

Our Technologies
How it works
Our Development Outsourcing Process

Step 01

Business Engagement

Overview of the company goals

  • NDA Signature
  • Overview of the company goals and understanding the business needs
  • Requirements Analysis – Sales & PMO Support
  • Framework agreement or short engagement agreement discussion
  • Specialists: profiles / prices / time presentation
  • Team Ramp-up agreement
  • Advice with technical experts
  • Team selection and acceptance of business needs

Step 02

Project Engagement

Understanding the project goals

  • Understanding the project goals
  • Signature of the service order
  • Signing of the framework agreement
  • Working with PMO, delivery and sales
  • Insight into the requirements at a high level
  • Agreement on commitment and ramp-up approach

Step 03

Team Discovery

Knowledge transfer

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Building a team and tools for collaboration
  • Auditing of existing code, design and infrastructure
  • Joint development of specification and project plan
  • Risk assessment
  • Possible proof of concept
  • Probationary period

Step 04

Continuous Team Performance

Time & quality & cost control

  • Agile delivery processes
  • Continuous communication
  • Transparent delivery process – problem tracking
  • Time & quality & cost control
  • Expectation management
  • Improvement management
  • Pre-agreed ramp-up
We apply an effective time and man power model to ensure we offer a solution that fully meets your expectations.
Our Approach

We believe in the transformative power of technology. United by our commitment to innovation and excellence, we make software for businesses that want to become more profitable, more efficient, and more agile.


Our Development Technolgies
  • Html5/CSS3/Jquery
  • Vue.js
  • PHP/Mysql
  • Laravel
  • Flutter
  • Nativscript
  • Firebase
  • MongoDB
  • Laravel
  • WordPress
  • WoCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Shopware 5 & 6
Required Skill Levels

Depending on the complexity of the project, the respective tasks can be carried out by specialists with different experience, skills and technological knowledge. A three-level system is used as the standard.

  • Junior – programmers with up to a few years of experience. Programmers at this level have the skills to develop simple solutions and create quality code. They represent a perfect completion of a team in which there is at least 1 senior developer.
  • Regular  – have more than a few years of experience with IT projects, developers at this level are able to solve complex problems and develop sophisticated app functionalities. You can work independently or in teams.
  • Senior – developers with over ten years of project experience, are characterized by a high degree of elasticity in the design of solutions, and can solve complex problems in several ways. People with this level of experience have a lot of project and technical knowledge, which often contributes significantly to code quality.

Codeboxx is the perfect partner for the creation of smart digital solutions to boost your business.


Great User Experience is close to our heart. Our UI & UX Designers don’t just make pretty websites and apps, they make sure your software is enjoyable and achieve the business conversation goals.


We develop web services, Chatbots and VR/AR apps. With our agile development process and our experienced coders we can guarantee a high quality of development work.


With our testing process and detailed testing engineers we can provide you with the quality assurance for the best outcome of your business solution.


We dont leave you alone after we delivered you our software. We keep your software up to date, offer support, training and are always ready for further developments.

Business Expertise with attention to detail


Attention To Detail

With our business proved design, development and testing processes and our attention to details, we guarantee a high quality work standart through our services.


Business Expertise

Our highly skilled team offers the experience and expertise to provide you with the best lead, sales and loyality tech consulting for your business and will create a smart solution to reach your business goals.

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