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UX/UI Development


We consider all aspects and possibilities of how an end-user will interact. To achieve your target goals, we extensively analyze both the users’ behavior and the core features of the system.


Customer Acquisition

Successful user experience and design provide a competitive advantage. They will likely overtake price as key brand differentiators that attract new customers.  Great enterprise UI/UX is more than just effective product design – it’s good business.


Increase Conversion

User research and data will give you real insights for improving your conversion rates (online purchases, registration, bookings etc.). You can find out where users are dropping out, frustrated, and where they have trouble understanding your offerings. The insights gained from research and data allow us to pin-point changes required to impact conversion.


Create the right product from the start

You’ve got an idea, a product you want to take to market, but are you designing something that’s meeting a genuine need? User experience from the get-go can help you confirm that you are designing the right product and provide insights into how the product should be shaped.


Great UX saves money

Usability activities help you save making changes later on when its too expensive or too late. Getting early feedback from your target users—and making research-backed, user-centered design decisions—can help you avoid those expensive errors, saving hundreds of engineering hours and thousands of dollars.

UX/UI Design Consulting Services

Solid digital experience is in the macro and micro details of the design. It starts in the split second when a customer lands and continues with each individual user story, where efficiency and impact are always top priorities. The journey starts with understanding the needs of your users and your business goals, and ends with marrying the two into an ideal experience that makes everyone happy.

User Experience (UX) Design & Testing

Good UX design is the result of comprehensive user research, information architecture design, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, and final implementation. UX design proves that love at first sight really exists; a full 75% of people judge a website based on its overall aesthetics. A user-friendly interface that fulfills a customer’s needs is more likely to convert customers.

Complete Website Redesign Services

Is your current website preventing you from meeting your online marketing goals? Whether you desire increased functionality, an enhanced user experience (UX), or a more sophisticated look, you need an outstanding web design company that can achieve exceptional results for your business.

Your Benefits
Increases customer loyalty

One of the approaches to building customer loyalty is creating a customer journey map (CJM). UX designers create customer journey maps to represent the customer’s interaction with the product starting from the very first contact (the “contact point”).

Increased customer satisfaction

The better experience you create for your customers, the happier they will. And the opposite is also true: the worse experience you provide to your customers they will become more and more frustrated with what you are providing them. At codeboxx we develop User Experience which will increase your customer satisfaction.

Positive UX increases ROI and revenue

Every business is aimed at earning money. Actually profitability is a measure of its successfulness. Investing in a well thought out user experience can give you a considerable return on investment (ROI). Just look at the following vivid example.

UX/UI Development with codeboxx
Our experienced team of tech, design and marketing experts will make sure you will get the best technical framework combined with great customer experience.
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Smart Digital Services
We craft beautiful and unique digital experiences.

If you want to design outstanding and unique, you have to do more than thinking from one click to another. Passionated design is about innovation, excitement and personal, long term user value.

Motivate your users to interact with your content

When designing app`s, UX designers meticulously create user personas, or descriptions of people who will potentially use an app. User personas look like profiles of real people, and include personal information, biographies, and motivations for using your app. User personas allow UX designers to get a better feel for their target audience and create user experiences that inspire end users to browse your website or mobile app.

Pixel perfect design & with passion for details.

Our highly skilled team offers the experience and expertise to provide you with the best UX & UI development solutions for your business and will create a smart solution to reach your business goals.

Latest Projects
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We are delivering beautiful digital products
Codeboxx builds platforms for businesses who want to transform their existing digital ecosystems.

Great User Experience is close to our heart. Our UI & UX Designers don’t just make pretty websites and apps, they make sure your software is enjoyable and achieve the business conversation goals.


We develop web services, Chatbots and VR/AR apps. With our agile development process and our experienced coders we can guarantee a high quality of development work.


With our testing process and detailed testing engineers we can provide you with the quality assurance for the best outcome of your business solution.


We dont leave you alone after we delivered you our software. We keep your software up to date, offer support, training and are always ready for further developments.

Business Expertise with attention to detail


Attention To Detail

With our business proved design, development and testing processes and our attention to details, we guarantee a high quality work standart through our services.


Business Expertise

Our highly skilled team offers the experience and expertise to provide you with the best lead, sales and loyality tech consulting for your business and will create a smart solution to reach your business goals.

Passionate for Design create the best user experience

Coded with Love

.. to provide high quality standarts

Smart Solutions

.. to get the best tech & expertise for your vision

Business Goal Oriented

.. to get a high conversion for your business goals

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