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Codeboxx brings in technology expertise and valuable ideas throughout the entire process of online store creation. We help you build your eCommerce ecosystem that take you from ground zero to where you should be by utilising our entire technology solutions stack in front-end, back-end development, integrations, testing and optimisation services.


Ease of use

Having your website and web store in the same system means you don’t need a large development team to make quick changes. You can log in and update products and content yourself, whenever you want.


Seamless Checkout Experience

Effective ecommerce sites make it as easy as possible for customers to complete transactions by eliminating potential hurdles in the ordering and payment process. With our payment integrations you will generate the highest conversation rates.


Modular Development

Our e-commerce development solutions allow modular development where every feature and element in the shop acts as a module which can be added and removed easily. This makes your website highly scalable.


Multi Channel

Every brand wants to capture its market in totality, to reach customers through every channel, we offer the right integration for a succesful multi-channel ecommerce strategy.


We offer a full-spectrum of WooCommerce development solutions including installation, configuration, customization and maintenance. Our expert WooCommerce developers will help you establish new online stores for your new or existing WordPress sites and quickly enable you to deliver products to your customers. In collaboration with our in-house WordPress developers, we will build robust, well-designed shopping carts for your online business.


Shopware is the leading solution to e-commerce in the German market and is an open source e-commerce application. The variety of features contained in it, together with its high standards provides businesses and companies with the best platform for growth and development. It is trusted by over fifty-four thousand international online stores, ranging from large enterprises to small ones.


Codeboxx offers an all-around Magento development service using a mix of creativity, technical expertise, and retail marketing skills to bring accurate measurable results. From designing to developing, we have a past conduct of building successful Magento based sites creating sales for our customers. Our solutions are loaded with incredibly fast and unlimited customization capabilities that give your business more room to grow & expand further.

Your Benefits
Enjoyable User Experience

When we think about User Experience, we typically focus on End-Users. We think about better navigation modeling, improved SEO, simplifying clicks and clear messaging. But there is another user that is too often overlooked – the E-Commerce Backend User. At codeboxx we create great UX for all of the websites user.

Responsive Design

We design and develop responsive websites that are platform-independent and perfectly viewable on all devices – be it computers, mobile phones or tablets. By using Responsive Design, codeboxx allows a single web experience to be optimized for an unlimited number of devices.

Modern Front End

A perfectly developed frontend gives better experience to the users. We believe in the same principle and ensure pixel perfect implementation of your design. We are passionate about clean, elegant code and continually explore new technologies, best practices that enable us to be on the top of modern frontend development.

Solid Backend

The systems we create are supported with the most reliable backend technology and content management systems. Our experience in the field combined with the use of the latest technology is sure to present a finished product you’ll be pleased with.

Secured Systems

The most secure E-Commerce System is the one where the developer has planned for the worst and prepared for it. Utilizing modern server and security technology can help secure your E-Commerce development above and beyond the vast majority of sites on the internet.

Scalable Server

Whether you serve one or thousands of visitors at a time, we provide the technical expertise and powerful resources to help get the most from your CMS site. The benefits of Content Delivery Networks and caching to scale CMS and other applications are well proven.

E-Commerce Development with codeboxx
Our experienced team of tech, design and marketing experts will make sure you will get the best technical framework combined with great customer experience.
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Stay open 24*7/365

One of the most important benefits that ecommerce merchants can enjoy is store timings are now 24/7/365 as they can run e-commerce websites all the time. By this way, they can increase their sales by boosting their number of orders. However, it is also beneficial for customers as they can purchase products whenever they want no matter whether it is early morning or mid-night.

Boost Brand Awareness

As like e-commerce business can help B2B organizations to get new customers, so it will be helpful for e-commerce businesses to boost their brand awareness in the market. Developing pages that can be indexed by search engines crawlers is one of the best ways to enhance your website’ search engine optimization and enhance the target audience on your site.

Decreasing cost of inventory Management

With e-commerce business, the suppliers can decrease the cost of managing their inventory of goods that they can automate the inventory management using web-based management system. Indirectly, they can save their operational costs.

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We are delivering beautiful digital products
Codeboxx builds platforms for businesses who want to transform their existing digital ecosystems.

Great User Experience is close to our heart. Our UI & UX Designers don’t just make pretty websites and apps, they make sure your software is enjoyable and achieve the business conversation goals.


We develop web services, Chatbots and VR/AR apps. With our agile development process and our experienced coders we can guarantee a high quality of development work.


With our testing process and detailed testing engineers we can provide you with the quality assurance for the best outcome of your business solution.


We dont leave you alone after we delivered you our software. We keep your software up to date, offer support, training and are always ready for further developments.

Business Expertise with attention to detail


Attention To Detail

With our business proved design, development and testing processes and our attention to details, we guarantee a high quality work standart through our services.


Business Expertise

Our highly skilled team offers the experience and expertise to provide you with the best lead, sales and loyality tech consulting for your business and will create a smart solution to reach your business goals.

Passionate for Design create the best user experience

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.. to provide high quality standarts

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.. to get the best tech & expertise for your vision

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.. to get a high conversion for your business goals

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